Hugo Ljungbäck is a Swedish video artist, film curator, and media scholar. His videos have screened internationally at such venues as the London Experimental Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival, and Beijing International Short Film Festival, and regularly explore queer subjectivities, oversexed bodies, sexual abuse, and coercion. His research focuses on experimental film and video art, surveillance, and queer cinema, and he has been published in the AM Journal of Art and Media Studies and The Projector: A Journal on Film, Media, and Culture. He is an Undergraduate Research Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Chair of the Moving Image Society, Director of the Save the Archives Film Festival, and a programmer for the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival.

artist statement

My work regularly explores queer subjectivities through the lens of the personal. I am interested in countering saturated images of gay youth in popular media as oversexed and emotionally detached, offering instead portraits of the privately hidden, the truly intimate, the often unflattering, and the unseen: infidelity, sexual abuse, longing, and coercion. My work is often durational, gestural, and performative, and I often make myself the subject of my camera. As such, I blur the boundaries between documentation and reenactment, and ideas of authenticity, reality, and artifice are always at stake.