When I Was Four

When I Was Four reenacts a distant childhood memory of the first night in a new home, and relates it to an adolescent experience, in hope to uncover what truth the memory holds, if any.

DV, 5'51"
4:3, 25fps, color, stereo
USA, 2017

2018-09-08. Milwaukee Short Film Festival, WI.
2018-04-21. Pixel Skånes Filmfestival, Malmö, Sweden.
2018-04-07. That One Film Festival, Muncie, IN.
2018-02-24. Corvallis Queer Film Festival, OR.
2017-11-12. M3F3, Marcellus, NY.
2017-11-11. Beijing International Short Film Festival, China.
2017-05-12. UWM Student Film and Video Festival, Milwaukee, WI.