Hugo Ljungbäck is an Undergraduate Research Fellow in the Department of English/Film Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. in 2015, he was recognized for his stop motion animation research at Ljud- och Bildskolan Kristianstad, where he was awarded the Diploma project of the year at the annual LBS-gala. in 2017, he won First Place in the Upper-Level Division of the UWM Honors College Essay Competition with The Feminine Threat, his study of portrayals of femininity in early period Disney films.

in 2018, he was awarded a Senior Excellence in Research Award from the UWM Office of Undergraduate Research. he is currently working toward his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres, with a sub-major in Film and Media Studies. his primary research interests include film, media, and critical theory, The Walt Disney Company, experimental film and video, moving image preservation and technology, and queer cinema.

peer-reviewed articles

“From Art Gallery to Movie Theatre: Spectatorship in Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto.” AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, special issue on “Experimental Film.” v. 15, pp. 135–146.

online essays

“The Feminine Threat: Reconsidering the Damsel in Distress in Early Disney Films.” Inquiries Journal. v. 9, n. 11.


“Have We Met Before? An Interview with Cecelia Condit.” Vernacular. v. 2, pp. 32–41.

conference presentations

“What We Can Learn from a History of Film Studies.” The Annual UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. (Apr. 27, 2018)

“History on Tape: Preserving UWM’s Educational Communications and Television Services Academic Video Archive.” The 17th Annual UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Green Bay, WI. (Apr. 20, 2018)

“The Emergence of Film Studies as an Academic Discipline: A Microhistory of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Film Studies Program.” National Conference on Undergraduate Research. University of Central Oklahoma. Edmond, OK. (Apr. 7, 2018)

conference posters

“Preserving a University’s Film and Video Collections: Best Practices for DIY 16mm Print and Videotape Archives.” National Conference on Undergraduate Research. University of Central Oklahoma. Edmond, OK. (Apr. 5, 2018)

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